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February 4, 2009

“Googlizing” Urgent Care

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Amazing statistic – if we could bring in the $40,000,000 in outside ED costs into the Group practice urgent cares, we could provide the same care for about $4,650,000.  That is not a typo.  The difference is $35,350,000.  Wow.

So – lets say that a patient is trying to find our urgent care.  They Google us.  And what do they get.  Well, if they Googled “Group Health urgent care”, until recently they got four GHC links – three of them to Group health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (a kindred spirit, but very different organization).  The one “real” GHC site just went to the front page of MyGroupHealth.  If they try “Seattle urgent care” they get a Google map image where we are one choice (about 4th or 5th), but that also goes to the front page of MyGroupHealth (where there is no obvious link to any urgent care locations).

The Web team was alerted, and in short order the “Group Health urgent care” search now is so successful that you can use “I’m feeling lucky” – that brings up the MyGroupHealth page with the the ED and UC locations.  Wow.  There is still work to be done to try to improve the choices when Google maps is represented on the page – the “mash up” still results in a poor search result.  We are hoping to at least have the GHC result get to the correct page.

Hats off to Drew Campbell and Judy Hucka of the web team – doing everything that the technology allows to help our patients find the information they need to manage theri health.  We will track the hits, along with the ED/UC utilization outside our system to see if it helps steer patients to our system.

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