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October 2, 2008

POINT – KP Southern California’s everything to everybody application suite

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The second stop on our tour of KP population management tools was to Long Beach, the home of POINT, the set of tools developed by their Pharmacy Administrative Services group.   The team there in KP Southern California has produced an incredible array of tools to support the delivery of care to patients, with about 100 discrete applications sitting atop a database of gargantuan proportions.  The tools that have been built run the gamut from classic population management activities like registries, to supply chain solutions for pharmacy. The tools that have been built by this passionate group of people are incredible, and parts of their application suite are in use in all KP regions.  Think Archimedes – but instead of a long enough lever to move the world, think data.  They use it to impact all kinds of activities.  And their generosity in sharing what they have done was more than we could have asked for.

But enough about them – what about Group Health?  We went on this trip to understand what we could use to better support our patients and our business goals (buy/beg/borrow/steal/learn from…).  What we saw was both technically inspiring and a testimony to the importance to an investment in people, process and technology, working hand in glove on behalf of patients.  The Riverside medical center is a model for organizing around patients to support them in maximizing health outcomes and affordability.  They use the Point toolset to maximum advantage.

We have a lot to digest after visiting KPNW and KPSC.  Next week we visit KP Colorado to see their tool set.  Our intention is to gain enough understanding to set our own path for developing tools that can support our patients and our practice teams, from basic population management activities like HEDIS to supporting complex case management.  There are basically three possibilities:

•    Buy one of the KP solutions for use internally, and join the ongoing development effort for the tool
•    Buy one of the KP solutions as is, and then go our own way in development
•    Build our own solution, incorporating the best of the different KP solutions as possible.

Next week I’ll blog about the Colorado trip, and the next steps for making our investment.

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