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August 12, 2008

Getting the Most out of Epic

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Epic is a really cool tool. But most all of us have found that our EMR is a mixed blessing – we have nearly unlimited options to improve care, sometimes at the cost of our time. Epic is used to varying degrees across our medical group. Why is that? Why do some clinicians use most of the functionality we have collectively built and some use just the most basic elements?

In shadowing different clinicians and talking with chiefs, it seems that we have evolved to a potentially difficult but understandable state. It seems that the more skilled clinicians are with Epic, the more they invest in continuing to learn more about how to use the tool. Those that struggle are least likely to take advantage of resources to learn ways to use Epic to greater effect. A real challenge for me is figuring out how to support members of our group that have not been able to use Epic to improve the care they provide their patients, and their own job satisfaction.

So what is the secret sauce? What helps you be successful and learn more ? And what would you recommend to your colleagues?

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