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January 29, 2009

The Medical Home – Position Paper on Innovation

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Like many of you,  I am working to understand and adopt the priniples of the Medical Home into my practice and  how to leverage technology to make really work.   Reviewing the currnet liturature in the Medical Home can be a dizzying undertaking.  The Medical Home is defined as a Model, a Concept, a Movement, an Innovation and even a software package.  The term itself is under scrutiny, what is a Home?  what is an Advanced Home?  Depsite the ambiguity of name, there is no ambiguity of purpose.  I want to share what I have found to be a clear articulation of the guiding principles and benefits of the Medical Home both from a clinical and Informatics perspetive.  The paper is from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions in Washington D. C.  I hope this serves as a springboard for both discussion and reference as we move foward with this work.  It is well worth the time to read.  Here is the link:
Medical Home Article

October 22, 2008

AHRQ- EHR Safety Conference

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I am here in Washington, DC representing Group Health at this international meeting about HIT and Safety. The Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality is a small organization under the government Agency of Health and Human Services.

Our presence here is yet another great reminder of the far reach Group Health has in the national conversation about health care and innovation. This meeting is a ‘think tank’ of sorts, getting the right people in the room to discuss and formulate the next steps for EHR venders, clinics and hospital systems to innovate around patient safety and IT.

Take home questions from this first day are:

  1. Group Health has a great ERT system and can create a Hazard Tracking system to be more proactive instead of reactive in regard to patient safety events. Some large groups have both hazard tracking, which predicts when there will be potential safety issue as well as ERT sytems like our own.
  2. Evaluation of the balance between Providor Education vs. Forcing Functions (BPA’s and HM Alerts) as to the best way to provide safe care. ( the evidence is mixed on which works best)
  3. e-Iatrogenesis – A new word to me. The study of the new social pressures on delivering care in the electronic age. Understanding the chance of harm caused by the application of health information technology. Errors of omission, commission and of dismissal when relevant alerts are ignored.

Many good questions in the room today. Will add more tomorrow

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