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February 23, 2011

Health Reform Overview

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I wanted to share a great presentation that Len Nichols, health economist extraordinaire, gave at our medical group’s annual meeting.

No slides (which make it even more entertaining), but an engaging speaker.  A pragmatic guy who is close to the debates in DC, and great at making clear the basic issues confronting us.

You can watch the video here.

February 8, 2011

Group Health Physicians Annual Meeting

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It is a great night to be us.  Group Health Permanente (GHP), aka Group Health Physicians.  It is our annual meeting and a day to  both celebrate our accomplishments and challenge each other to build on what we have done.

This year GHP won the prestigious American Medical Group Association Acclaim award as the best medical group in the country.  First time that the award has been bestowed on a group for a body of work (instead of a specific initiative), and the first time that it was a unanimous decision (from blinded judges).  Well deserved for many different initiatives/efforts/ foundational elements.

Len Nichols has a great presentation about the challenges of health reform and what may lay ahead.  While his message about the two roads that diverge in the wood is compelling and frightening,  one of those paths makes clear that realigning incentives – channeling self interest to serve the public interest, is our solution.  It is a false choice to suggest that  the status quo without reform is an option.

A night for both celebration and challenge – understanding that what we have in our special circumstance – the symmetry of pay for value as defined by patients – clinical quality, patient experience and affordability – is the answer for the nation.  So we need to make our case – to demonstrate that what we have done we can do even better, and that we can export our approach/solutions to other groups in the country.

As my friend Ted Eytan said so often – “Its good to be us”.  We are in what the famous sporstwriter REd Barber used to call the “Catbird Seat“.  Now lets show what we can do from there.

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