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August 29, 2010

Great slide deck on social media

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One of the innovations that will be most exciting in health care will be patients forging communities to improve their health – helping each other stay well and manage chronic illness.  We know that lay led groups that teach coping skills improve outcomes and reduce utilization – they help eliminate the cost of poor quality.   We know that empowering patients with information can be better than medical interventions, improving satisfaction and decision quality.  But I believe that there is a far greater opportunity for patients than we have tapped to date.

Social media will have a big impact on how individuals develop communitites that support them in many different dimensions – close friends and family, acquaintances, old friends from high school, co workers – we are each a part of many different communities.  One of the challenges for social networking tools is that so far they are binary – you are my friend, or you aren’t.  In general, tools like facebook share information indiscriminately among our “friends”, even though there are different communities that we really want to keep separate.  This is certainly true for health issues – while one might disclose to certain people that they have a health condition, it is likely that this disclosure would not be to all (at least, for many if not most of us).

A great slide deck (click here) walks through this – thanks to Paul Adams at Google for sharing this online. Highly recommended.

August 26, 2010

Science and Medical Culture

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A new favorite blog post by Paul Levy that I want to make sure people are aware of – I just love the way that his lens shows one interestion between the culture of safety, our traditional medical culture of research and of practice.

Science is the Topography of Ignorance

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