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January 26, 2007

Another voice of the member: Health care in the 21st Century at Group Health

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Dr. Eytan Letter

One of our member’s letters to us (permission granted to reproduce here)

Here’s a letter from one of our members that I spoke to two days ago. It falls in the category of, “Your patients, rather than us, will tell you what this means for your patients.”

This patient has been a Group Health member since 1969 and has transferred her care to the contracted network, which she was happy to find was an option when she needed to move to Ferndale. She and I are strategizing on ways to support her new physicians (which she really likes), in leveraging our technology to help her, which we are happy to do. That’s the second paragraph.

A key take away is the first paragraph, where she talks about how her care is transformed and about the ability of her doctors, aided by this tool. There’s a nod to her specialist, Dr. Kushner, as well as to her primary care medical center (which I believe is Family Health Center), the Group Health Pharmacy, and MyGroupHealth, working together to support her. She even touches on medication reconciliation and the value this has to her confidence and comfort (nice foreshadowing of our future work here and with the Care Plan).

In talking to her, her interest is in all members having this experience in our owned and operated centers or within our network. This is an example of the ambassadors that our members are and will become for the type of care we provide, wherever we go. We talked about the fact that only 2% of the American population currently has access to online medical record services (Wall Street Journal, September, 2006), so her championship of the future is exactly what we like to see.

January 25, 2007

Information Management at Skating Nationals

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Okay, this is only marginally about informatics, but it’s cool nonetheless. As a very reluctant participitant (initially, at least) on the medical team at the skating event I’ve been impressed both by the organization of the whole event and by the athleticism of the skaters. What can look like scrawny adolescents in weird outfits on TV is very different when you’re standing at the rinkside. These kids are doing tremendous routines while going incredibly fast on really hard ice. The whole event has been a boon to Group Health, with our logo everywhere including under the ice at the local public outdoor rink. Our docs have been prominently featured in the local media, and Ed Reisman (the clinic chief at Lidgerwood and a former world-class skater) is the medical director for the event.

One feature that is pertinent to the blog is that Ed has done a great job of setting up systems that let the docs communicate about the skaters who might get treated at different venues. It boils down to some laptops, fax machines and mobile phones; but the skaters have raved about how the team works together and everyone seems to know what the treatment plan is. It’s a small scale example of information continuity and teamwork that doesn’t often get worked out very well outside of an organization like ours.

You can check out the event on ESPN, or online at The Spokesman Review for general information or IceNetwork for video.

EpicCare Practice Management Suite coming!

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John Kaschko, MD, Practice Management Demonstration


Epic Systems Team, Demonstrating Practice Management

Yesterday morning, I was treated to a view of the future, arranged by John Kaschko, MD, who is the Group Health Physician Champion for the Epic Practice Management Suite project. This includes the de-implementation of LastWord, and installation of scheduling and billing products manufactured by Epic Systems.

I was in attendance with several of our physician leaders, including Marc Mora, MD, Paul Sherman, MD, Steve Tarnoff, MD, Ruth Krauss, MD, and Matt Handley, MD. This was a special session demonstrating features that would be of relevance to physicians. There was a bigger session for our Delivery System Business Leaders, who will have a large role to play in this work.

I will let John talk about the features that he thinks will be of interest to us – there will be many new things that we have always wanted to do that we cannot today.

As many of you know, John was the Physician Champion for the very successful launch of our ED/UC product as well as Nurse Triage. He will bring his same level of skill to this project as well. John, take it away….

January 24, 2007

Health Profile data flowing into EpicCare again

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Group Health has resolved the issue that kept Health Profile data from making it into EpicCare.

It’s always difficult to know what merits a broadcast e-mail to staff or not. In this case, we informed CIS specialists, with the expectation that this would be fixed quickly, which it was.

Important to note that Group Health considers any disruption of MyGroupHealth services equivalent to any disruption of EpicCare itself – in other words highest priority for restoration.

Kudos to the MyGroupHealth team for rerouting the data quickly.

January 23, 2007

CIS Workplan First Quarter 2007

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Cis 2007 Plan A3 First 90 Days

CIS 2007 Workplan, First Quarter 2007

It is with great pride and pleasure to present the workplan for the first 90 days of 2007.  With the input of key leaders in all parts of the delivery system and business operations we have created a final single page document outlining our work. The docuement is called an A3 (for the size of the paper it is printed on) and it outlines the major projects undertaken and timeline for their completion.

This is the culmination of a several month process to streamline and organize the work of the entire CIS team, improving the focus and drive for completion of all undertaken.  At times a painful and grueling process, this document underscores the conscious effort to both be accountable to and clearly articulate the work. In about 70 days, we will create and distribute the A3 for the next quarter.  This is our very best approximation of the most important projects that need to be carried out in the next months. They are tantamont to our success in improvments in care experience, clinical excellence and affordability, the main tenants of our organization.  Please review the plan here: A3 Document


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