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August 30, 2006

Nurse Triage Launch- success!

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The Epic replacement of the system that our Consulting Nurse Service uses was turned on Monday, August 28th.  It has been very smooth so far with no major problems, in fact, in the first three days, only one problem has surfaced. Training has been smooth, nursing staff are quickly adopting the new system and the length of phone calls is surprisingly good…..we thought call length would be more adversely affected than it is. Wait time for our pateints has not been impacted by the switch but total call volume has been average (in other words, there hasn’t been a “bad day” yet in terms of the number of calls). The total implementation will be one month with a new set of nurses being trained  about every 5 days.  Congratulations to Carol Wilson, Diane D’Ewart, Kathleen Kimball and Kathy Burns for the hard work ahead of time to make this start smooth and successful!

August 29, 2006

Transcription lines continue to decrease

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Transcription Lines

Current transcription lines trend

Here is the latest data on lines transcribed at Group Health Cooperative. On average, transcription costs $0.20 a line. I think this reflects better comfort with the tool, and newer practitioners who maybe dictate less to start with.

The approach to dictation within our medical group is unchanged, by the way. We are allowing water to find its own level – monitoring without any directives about dictating or not. Our pilot of voice recognition continues. John Kaschko, MD is collecting data, and our hope is that this will further reduce transcription lines.

August 28, 2006

Patient Friendly synonym error on MyGroupHealth: Corrected

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Our technical team has removed the patient friendly synonyms discussed in the previous post. Patients on MyGroupHealth should now see the terms that you add to their patient problem lists when they log in.

Big thanks to our colleagues in Information Services for acting quickly once the error was found.

“Patient friendly” synonyms for ICD-9 codes erroneously loaded into MyGroupHealth

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Health Conditions Mygh

Epic Practice System: Accessing a report that tells practitioners what the patient version of the Problem List says on MyGroupHealth

Health Conditions Mygh 2

Epic Practice System: A practice patient shows “patient friendly terms” – we do not want these translations. They are being removed as soon as possible.

As part of our monthly update of “enhanced ICD-9” codes from our vendor, Intelligent Medical Objects, it appears we also erroneously loaded a group of “patient-friendly” synonyms that came with the package to MyGroupHealth. This was our mistake and we are working to correct it as quickly as possible.

The “Patient friendly synonyms” package is designed to translate what physicians add to patient problem lists to lay terminology, which is then displayed in the “current health conditions” section of MyGroupHealth, which is the patient-version of the problem list. The package was developed by Intelligent Medical Objects, not Group Health. Unfortunately, when we analyzed the package last year, we found that the terms were in many cases not “patient friendly” at all. For example, they translated “thrombocytosis” to “cancer of the lymphatic system.” We therefore made the decision not to install these translations and stick to the actual medical terms, or whatever the physician changed those terms to, with the idea that it is most “patient friendly” to be accurate.

During our load of enhanced ICD-9 codes this month, these patient friendly terms were loaded into the system. We are now in the process of backing them out. We have received one notice from a patient who encountered a discrepancy between their MyGroupHealth problem list and the Epic one. This came as a result of this load of terms.

We hope to have these terms removed within the next few days. The team apologizes for any inconvenience. I wanted to provide the information here so that medical staff will know how to respond to questions if they get any.

As a reminder, Group Health does block a small number of ICD-9 codes from being shown to patients online, in the interest of our patients’ safety (e.g. codes that deal with maltreatment or abuse), and we have synchronized this list with Kaiser Permanente’s list. There is an easy way to tell what your patient can see on MyGroupHealth, by going to the patient’s chart in EpicCare, clicking on “Miscellaneous Reports” and clicking on “Health Conditions on MyGH.” You will see a list of what is on the patient’s problem list and what is visible on MyGroupHealth, and whether it has been renamed by the system.

August 25, 2006

MyGroupHealth to begin displaying Letters generated in EpicCare

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Ever since the Eye Care QIST, we have been working to enable the visibility of letters generated in EpicCare in MyGroupHealth. This will really help eye care patients access their lens prescriptions on line. It will also assist when we begin generating health maintenance letters out of the EpicCare system. Patients will be able to see copies of those on line.

What this means for all of us is that whenever we generate any kind of letter for a patient as part of an encounter, it will be visible on MyGroupHealth. At the current time, it looks like the letters will be visible even if the encounter is still open. We are looking to see if we can have the letters display only once the letter is marked ‘closed’ or ‘sent.’ Either way, it is important that we turn this feature on for eye care patients, and for all patients.

This is the “heads up.” We hope to enable this in the next week or so. Something to keep in mind as you use the letters feature in EpicCare.

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