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June 30, 2006

CIS Weekly Newsletter Improvements

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In the next couple of weeks, you will begin seeing an updated format for the weekly CIS Newsletter. David, Kauff, MD and Joy Ferkovich will join forces to collaborate in delivering important EpicCare news and Informatics information. This new format is designed to further promote important EpicCare knowledge and improvements to CIS specialists and then to providers/clinical staff. The newsletter will be renamed, there will be improved look and feel, a table of contents will be added and clincal and patient care impact will be emphased. There is also plans of archiving these updates in a searchable format for easy review and retrival.

Check it out.

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These are the words of Information Services Division developer Ezra Sheppard, who has been working with myself and the entire GI QIST team to help this group find patients electronically who need repeat colonoscopies.

The image below is worth a thousand words. It demonstrates that a gastroenterology RN will be able to go into EpicCare and search for patients who are due for repeat colonscopies. They will be able to determine at a glance who is due and then review charts or do other work to provide care.

For us, this is the equivalent of a “Come here, Watson” moment. Welcome to the future.


June 29, 2006

Family Health Center QIST news

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It’s been a few weeks since the Family Health Center QIST. I received this list from CIS Specialist Rachelle Hunt, and it was so chock full of helpful stuff, I am reprinting it here.

Every Medical Center has provided a unique contribution to what we do using technology – Family Health has been a leader in establishing workflow norms among their group. They began very important work on osteoporosis and depression, to boot.


From: Hunt, Rachelle
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 8:24 AM
To: Hunt, Rachelle
Subject: Homer’s FHC QIST News

If you’re like me, you might be having trouble keeping track of all the stuff that went down at FHC’s recent Quality Improvement Support Team (QIST) event. Here’s a summary for your educational pleasure! I’ve included a few things that came up at QIST, that aren’t necessarily our official QIST work – but I think it’s great to have these tidbits of info on hand as well. This newsletter is organized into 4 sections: SmartStuff, Project Work, Other Highlights, and Do’h! (the stuff we didn’t do).

Be on the lookout for this information in a handy index-card sized reference packet. It will soon be distributed to the nursing stations for each team to share.

It’s just ludiQIST how much work we got done!

.4csbrx – lets the patient know that you ordered the med for pickup at Central. Gives # to call if they want to pick it up at a different site.

.avsdepression – info on depression for the newly diagnosed. For use in the Patient Instruction section or a Secure Message

.brokebonecv – a note for providers to use to evaluate fractures for possible osteoporosis.
.brokebonenursingeval – a note for flowstaff to use to facilitate the evaluation of fractures for possible osteoporosis
.hospdeath – Hospitalists will use this phrase to let you know that your patient has expired while in the hospital. The QIST part of this is that we developed a link that pulls in the name of your RN/LPN pool so that nursing staff can get the message, too.

.hospdc – Hospitalists will use this phrase to let you know that they have discharged your patient. The QIST part of this is that we developed a link that pulls in the name of your RN/LPN pool so that nursing staff can get the message, too.

.lmedab – brings in any antibiotics ordered for the patient in the last 7 days
.lastmedab – same as above plus a sentence requesting flowstaff to call and let the patient know. Good for Result Notes

.rxrequest – lets the patient know how to request refills on MyGH


June 28, 2006

Feedback from the Community / GI QIST

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I have been spending my time at the Gastroenterology QIST. As you have probably read from the newsletter posted here, we are concerned with screening and surveillance of patients using colonoscopy as well as FOBT and flexible sigmoidoscopy. The QIST is giving us a chance to flex Epic to the limit, which is what we are here to do. Since we are here until Friday, we want to make sure that we can have EpicCare keep track of those patients who are at higher risk for colonic anomalies, in concert with patients that need routine screening. We’re pushing the “health maintenance” function to do this and learning a lot in the process. When we rolled out EpicCare, we had a vestigial understanding of this part of the system. Now we’re ready to harness it. A good transition.

I also just returned from giving a talk to the University Lions Club, on behalf of Scott Armstrong. The subject requested was “Wellness and the use of technology.” The Lions Club came from a businessman’s idea that businesspeople working together could do more to serve the community than working on their own. Group Health came from an idea that physicians working together could do more to serve their patients than working on their own.

I am always impressed at how well the work of Group Health is received in this community setting. People were genuinely interested in what Group Health has done. I always ask rooms like this if anyone has e-mailed their doctor. As I have seen before, the only individuals that raise their hands are Group Health members, and afterward they let me know how much they appreciate their Group Health physicians. It sends a powerful message about the contribution all of you make every day.

June 23, 2006

Coming soon: “Break the Glass” to support Behavioral Health encounters

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BtgImage: Break the Glass warning, when non-behavioral health provider accesses behavioral health note

Btg 2

Image: Access granted

From our development labs: A glimpse of an upcoming function, “Break the Glass,” which allows us to manage privacy for patients seeking care in behavioral health.

The function prompts a non-behavioral health provider with a warning message before proceeding to review a behavioral health note. This adds a necessary level of privacy for these encounters, and bridges the need for access to this information by health care teams with the special protection desired for behavioral health encounters. We are working closely with Behavioral Health Services to bring this forward. It will benefit all of our patients.

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