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December 30, 2005

Scanning update: EpicCare Upgrade

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Epic Systems has determined that the freezing/crashing problem with scanned documents lies with Filenet. Epic is working with us and Filenet to help Filenet fix the problem. In the meantime, the CIS team is working on a bandaid that will prevent Epic from crashing in the two workflows known to have this problem (Results Review and History). We expect to be able to put this into place mid next week.

CIS Optimization: Case for change: Going to Burien

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ThousandrequestsOver the last several days, I have been posting information about what happened in OB. This included the case for change, what we did about it, and what the successes were. We are going to continue doing similar work, starting at Burien, in January, 2006.

Our work in OB was in response to data we have been collecting about our responsiveness and capacity to improve Epic for our patients (the customer, the owners of the system) and the doctors, nurses, and staff that care for them.

Over the next several days, I will be posting the information we have put together here for all to see. This first image shows where we are at today. Over 1,000 requests for EpicCare improvements in our backlog, and rising each month. There is a dip in summer, 2005, because this was a time when a new medical center was not being rolled out.

What this shows


Scanning Update: Friday

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Epic Systems was able to determine that the problem lies with Filenet (the document management system for scanning), not EpicCare. It appears that Filenet is accessing workstation memory in an invalid way. Epic has shared the results of his analysis with Filenet so that they can examine their code. Epic has also identified a potential short term bandaid that will prevent Epic from crashing in the two workflows known to have this problem (Results Review and History). The real fix needs to come from Filenet but Group Health will discuss with our technical team whether we can put the bandaid in place next week.

December 29, 2005

“Hope and Hype” : Impact of Electronic Medical Records

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This is an interesting article by some of the gurus of health services, Himmelstein and Woolhandler. It highlights the idea that we are in the middle of a large and controversial transformation across health care.

Hope And Hype: Predicting The Impact Of Electronic Medical Records — Himmelstein and Woolhandler 24 (5): 1121 — Health Affairs

Scanning Update: Thursday

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Epic Systems, Inc.., has been able to reproduce the problem causing system freezes when opening scanned documents, and confirms that this is not an issue generated by Group Health’s configuration of the system. They are now looking at the problem carefully as our consultants.

I’ll continue to provide daily updates on this issue.

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