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November 30, 2005

Remote Access (Citrix) – Firefox browser for Macintosh

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A new version of the Firefox browser for the Macintosh was released today. This is a recommended update for all providers who use the Macintosh platform to access Citrix. Internet Explorer for Mac and Safari are not supported for remote access at this time.

The good news is that Firefox is an excellent browser and connects very well to our remote systems.

When you are at your home machine, get the Firefox browser by going to

November 29, 2005

New Epic Feature (with a slight downside): Multiple Vitals Flowsheets

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one vital

Glimpse of the future: Multiple Vitals
(&copy Epic Systems)

Your GHP Informatics Team has decided to proceed with the implementation of a new feature in office visit encounters with the impending upgrade: multiple vital signs flowsheet. This flowsheet will co-exist with the “extended vitals” form, but in practice will likely replace it. The flowsheet lets physicians and staff visibly chart multiple vital signs during encounters with patients.

The slight downside – screen real estate: While the flowsheet adds “visibility” to multiple vital signs in encounters, it does so in a non-collapsing way.


November 28, 2005

GHP Hosts Physicians and Nurses from 3 Kaiser Regions

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Yes, that is really Matt’s wallpaper

On November 21-22, 2005, Group Health Permanente hosted physicians and nurses from Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Oregon, and Hawaii interested in using Epic to improve quality of care.

Physicians shadowed GHP providers at Capitol Hill-Family Health Center, and then convened to share information useful in the maintenance and development of EpicCare. Group Health shared its experience with the OB rapid improvement sessions and patient outreach.

Kaiser Portland now has close to 100,000 patients online with physicians, and Kaiser Colorado will go live with patient access in mid-2006. There was an emphasis on population management and quality improvement.

Group Health and Kaiser’s use of the EpicCare platform will bring us many benefits in building EpicCare now and into the future.

November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

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The blog will resume publication on November 28, 2005. Have a wonderful holiday.

November 22, 2005

MyGroupHealth: Increasing the “lookback” for specialty messaging and apointing

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I would like Group Health Permanente to extend the amount of time that the MyGroupHealth system looks backward to determine who patient can appoint with and send secure messages to.

Currently, this is set at 13 months. The primary care physician is always at the top of the list of people available to message. Below the primary care physician, anyone with whom the patient has corresponded with or seen in the last 13 months will be listed.

This poses problems for patients who see women’s health practitioners less frequently than once a year, or patients on a 1-year follow-up cycle when it takes up to 60 days to appoint.

This also poses problems for primary care, who have been reporting involvement in messaging unnecessarily – they receive secure e-mails intended for specialty care providers who have “dropped off” the list.

Given these reasons and the nature of secure e-mail as we’ve learned about it, the proposal is to extend the “lookback” to 36 months, for appointing and messaging.

This would be implemented around the first of the year. I welcome comments from primary care and specialty care providers.

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