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October 31, 2005

Internet Penetration: New data about broadband, seniors

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An important report was released by our friends at Pew Internet & American Life Project on October 5, 2005, with impacts on how we see Internet use as one of the nation’s leaders in e-Health

Pew Internet & American Life Project Report: Digital Divisions

  • More people now go online, 68%, up from 63% in 2004
  • The “grey gap” is being reduced (as predicted): 26% of seniors now go online, up from 22%, 67% of baby boomers, a whopping increase from 59% in 2004
  • Broadband now dominates Americans’ access to the internet from home: 53% of those who use the internet from home, do it at high speed.
  • About 22% of the American population continues to be completely disconnected from the Internet. This has not changed.
  • There continue to be disparities in Internet access among minority populations; even though English-speaking Hispanics are as likely to use the internet as non-Hispanic whites, only 37% of Spanish-speaking Hispanics use the internet (2003 data from the US Census). Only 57% of African-Americans use the internet, compared to 70% of whites.

There are several implications for our work here.

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October 27, 2005

Open Sharing

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October 24, 2005

Open Sharing

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October 20, 2005

Open Sharing

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