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July 29, 2005

Using “Patient Instructions” as part of your progress note

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Several providers have been using the “Patient Instructions” section of the navigator as part of your note. Me included.

I like doing this because it serves double purpose – the patient will see the information on the after visit summary, and the assessment and plan is in words the patient understands.

I have been informed “officially” that the “Patient Instructions” section is part of legal documentation for the visit, so we are allowed to put part of our Assessment and Plan in that portion of the note.

I typically write the Asessment and Plan in the progress notes section and then say “see patient instructions” in the plan. Saves me a lot of time.

I am working now to see if we can move the patient instructions section below the progress notes section in the navigator.

July 28, 2005

Out of Office for a few days

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Your blogmaster is off to get recertified as a family practitioner.

In my absence, the GHP Informatics Team will be fielding comments and questions that you post. Regular publishing schedule will return the week of August 1, 2005.

The patient at your elbow

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Patient At Their Elbow

When your GHP Informatics team tackles an issue, we may ask, “what does the patient at your elbow say?”

July 27, 2005

From the desk of John Kaschko, MD: What’s happening with Voice Recognition (VR)

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John Kaschko, MD, is the Physician Champion for the EpicCare Emergency Department/Urgent Care module implementation as well as voice recognition (VR) and patient physician messaging. He is a practicing GHP physician at Eastside Primary Care and spends half of his time on the GHP Informatics Team.

We currently have a Voice Recognition project occurring at the Northshore clinic. Steve Hockeiser was a major driver and proponent of the VR usage and has worked with it for a number of years. Dragon Naturally Speaking, version 8 preferred was installed on all the workstations for the providers at Northshore in late June. At this point it’s too early to say much about the usage and potential role.


July 26, 2005

Efficiency Booster: Access Order Entry directly from the navigator table of contents

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Order EntryThe CIS team has made it easier for us to get to order entry. Now, when you click on “orders” in the table of contents section of the visit navigator, you will go directly to order entry, instead of going to the orders section of the navigator. This behavior is much more intuitive. Kaiser Colorado made the same change several months ago for its physicians, who received it well.

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