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May 27, 2005

OB SmartForm Concerns

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There are real concerns on the part of OB providers using the EpicCare prenatal care record.

These include the display and availability of information in both the “Episode Report” and the “OB Navigator.”

May 25, 2005

Enhanced ICD-9 : Duplicate Diagnosis Update

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The CIS team has placed in Epic a fix of the “duplicate diagnosis” problem with Enhanced ICD-9 lookup.

May 24, 2005

Open Sharing: Increasing the quality and efficiency of Lab Result Release by Mail & Web

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This topic is set up for provider comments on the message that went to the Medical Group around lab release.

Incidentally, the MyGroupHealth team received this unsolicited message from a patient just last week:

Name: (removed)
I am a: Group Health member
Card number: xxxxxxxx

“Comments: Why don’t you include all lab test results so we may click on
the ? and obtain information about what the test is used for,the desired
results & additional information.Its nice to know that the results are
good but we are more vitally interested in the abnormal results.which
helps us understand our health conditions. If abnormal test reults are not listed,we don’t even know they were accomplished. It is impossible for us to ask the Dr any questions. Request abnormal tests be listed as such. I would prefer to see the results but if you have a good reason
not to, a note should be added that the doctor would contact us or we
could call his/her nurse for additional info. Request your comments
about the aforementioned recommendations. Respectvely …”

May 23, 2005

Epic Bug: Some Rx SIG’s are not saved properly in order entry

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A bug in Epic order entry has been discovered at several medical centers (Tacoma Specialty and Olympia) that causes modified SIG information to not be saved properly. Here is the official description:

“If you edit sig information for a medication in the Magnified Sig window in Order Entry, click Accept on the Magnified Sig window to save your changes, and then click New Order, your changes to the sig are not saved.”

May 20, 2005

Beefing Up Automatic Lab Release, Part II

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Lab Release DataThe graphic here shows a relative explosion of activity around lab results online.

In 2004, the GHP Medical Group decided to proceed with automatic sharing of “abnormal” lab results, defined as:

  • The group of tests that was considered “non-sensitive,” like CBC, Electrolytes, etc.
  • “Sensitive” tests, like HIV or Hepatitis antigen, prenatal risk screen, etc., would not be included.
  • Imaging results would not be included
  • Pathology results would not be included
  • PAP smear results would be included

A time delay of 3 weeks was agreed upon at the GHP Medical Directors level.

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